Taxi Venezia ?

We Love Venezia is a tourist services consulting agency.

If you are on this page because you have been looking for a way to move around the Historic Center you can simply continue by contacting us via whatsapp or directly from the site with the appropriate button.

But let us first introduce you to “We Love Venezia”, a tourist service consulting business that acts as a network between travelers, tour operators, agencies and service providers in the city and in the Veneto region.

We love Venezia is a tourist services consulting activity that aims to act as eyes and ears for you with a dual purpose. The first is
That of offering support and assistance for all those services that are normally requested by your customers and that in other cities are resolved in simple steps but which on the contrary in a city like Venice can be very difficult. For example, we will be able to prevent problems and recommend an accommodation facility rather than another without a water door without forgetting how much a transfer can make a difference at certain times of the day due to the tides. But we will also be able to resolve the situation on site if a problem related to Booking should arise thanks to the countless solutions that the network of acquaintances allows us to put at your service.
The second purpose of We love Venezia is to put you in contact with the network of service providers that cannot be found on google.
Experiences linked to the territory and to the people who will ensure that your customers have memorable memories and not souvenirs to take with them when they return.
We love Venezia believes in the redevelopment of the territory linked to the redevelopment of tourism, which is why it moves ethically and outside the mass circuits. You can read our story under WHY US

You are a traveler who wants to build his journey independently without giving up on moving on a secure network.
With us you can do it.
We will be able to advise you on means of transport, accommodation facilities (hotels, BnB) and above all we will be able to direct you to experiences in the city or in Veneto that you could hardly find alone.
Imagine us as that chance encounter that usually changes the course of a journey in a magical way. Like that person in the remote village who reveals a secret passage to you.
We love Venezia loves the city and the Region that hosts it and has the aim of redeveloping the territory also through the visitor who passes through it.
So don’t hesitate to contact us to build your vacation days.
We are at your complete disposal.
If you want to know us you can read our story under the heading WHY US

We Love Venezia - Trip advisor - Traveller's choice
We Love Venezia - Trip advisor - Traveller's choice

We Love Venezia has won the prestigious Travelers’ Choice award, thanks to the experience lived by our customers. Do you want to write a review or know what they say about us?

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