What to visit in Veneto

Veneto is a region with its head in the Dolomites and its feet in the Adriatic. Its body is valleys of vineyards, orchards, of horseback riding; not to mention the museums, the castles, the Roman roads, the historical ruins, the woods sprinkled by its veins which are the powerful rivers which, just to name a few, are the Po, the Piave, the Adige and the Brenta.
The populations that inhabit this kaleidoscopic world willingly share it with those who know how to approach with respect.
The new generations are redeveloping the territory, giving life to agricultural or eno-gastronomic realities just to name a few.
It is possible for the visitor to approach these realities, but it is necessary to be accompanied by those who know not only their location but also by those who respect their values. This is We Love Venezia’s aim . we have the desire to push tradition and history into the future through the eyes of those who want to approach these realities and draw experiences that will mix with their own history. Because this is what makes a land alive. The exchange between those who visit and those who are visited. In respect of both.
In Veneto you can therefore organize food and wine tours by tasting wines from two hundred year old vines, you can buy cashmere sweaters while tasting saffron biscuits while admiring the Alpago woods. If you are a party-goer it will be a pleasure for you to be able to take a tour of the Jesolo discos and then relax on the well-equipped beaches of the coast. And if you’ve already visited Jesolo, it’s time for you to discover Sottomarina di Chioggia and Chioggia itself.
For lovers of nature and animals, horseback riding in the islands of the lagoon, perhaps at sunset, after visiting the lagoon beekeepers and tasting their honey.
If you don’t want to run into clichés, ask us. Let yourself be surprised.


Photography: Federico Drigo