1. Do cars run in Venice?

Do streets exist in Venice? No, the cars don’t exist. Roads exist you will walk on them (no swimming around!)

2. How long does it take from Marco Polo airport to Piazzale Roma?

If there is no trafic jeam about 15 min.

3. And from Treviso airport?

45 minutes.

4. What about pubblic transportation?

The pubblic transport are boats called battelli, and the name of
the company is ACTV.

5. How much does it cost?

Euro 7,50.

6. Why should we need an assistant even just for a transfer?

Because often the arrival address does
not take into consideration the fact that there is no direct access from the water (the water taxi or
public boat stop) to your hotel or apartment or point of arrival. The assistant accompanies you to
safety, as well as being able to arrange your arrival in advance with those who perform or check in.
Our assistants are all licensed minutes.

7. What is the meaning of the word SESTIERI?

It is the word to identify blocs in the city.

8. How do civic numbers work in the city?

Simple, they do not work!

9. What is the emergency number to call?

113 Police.

10. Does the train station exist? Where is it?

Yes it does, it is dedicated to Santa Lucia, and you can
find it at 5 minutes from Piazzale Roma.

11. Is it possible to bath in to the canali?

Pls Do not do that!

12. Are there pubblic toilettes?

Yes, you can find them in Piazzale Roma, San Marco, Rialto. You will need coins.

13. Do Venetians exist?

They say so…

“Winehouse, detail”

Phoptography: Federico Drigo